Mexican Names and Nicknames

When you are working with the Hispanic market, in California, it is important to understand the Mexican culture. Understanding Mexican names and nicknames is a big part of what makes up Mexican culture. I’ll never forget the time I took a test in my Spanish class for native-speakers. We were suppossed to read a book and the quiz was on the characters in the book. Well, nobody had read the book, but all the Mexicans knew the nicknames associated with each name. It was the 1st time I ever experienced what it was like to take a culturally-biased test. If I had had this list or something similiar, I would have been able to pass the quiz!

Now, I’m passing on the info to you. You may not be taking a quiz in español para hispanohablantes, but if you are dealing with Eduardo and everybody is calling him Lalo, now you’ll know why. nombres-mexicanos