Spanish for You

• Spanish Basics Workshop
• Conversational Spanish Series
• Homeowners (speak to your gardener or housekeeper)
• Missionaries (share the gospel at home or abroad)
Mexican Fiesta

Whether your reason for wanting to learn Spanish is to gain understanding of the Hispanic people and culture, to advance in your career, to communicate better when you travel, or to do better in school, Habla Language Services has classes and workshops to help you meet your goals. Contact us for rates and to discuss how we can help you accomplish your goals.

If you are a native Spanish speaker (also known as Heritage Speaker), I can also work with you if you need to pass a bilingual written test.

We are now offering 1-2 weeks Spanish immersion program in Costa Rica. Learn Spanish in Costa Rica. Live with a host family. Have fun and enjoy the culture and beauty that is Costa Rica. Contact us for more information.

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