Habla: She speaks; he speaks; you speak!

Habla also means the action or ability to speak; language; way of speaking. Our goal at Habla Language Services is to get you speaking!! With Habla Language Services, our focus is to get you speaking Spanish or English in the least amount of time. We focus on a picture-based immersion approach and do not use the translation method, which has proven to be ineffective in most cases. We use modern methodology and technologies to get you out-the-door speaking as quickly as possible. Language is speech. In spite of what they try to teach us in school, language really is not about grammar rules, spelling tests, or writing exercises. It is about communication.


“We can then look at, what happens if, instead of making people practice language, you give them samples of language and you make them do things with that language so they have to process that language in certain ways. And sure enough, we see growth in language in the mind/brain. Being able to speak, read and write more than one language has enormous benefits for an individual.”

Bill Van Patten in interview to Mike Jenkins, 2014, “Faculty Stories, MSU.”