Want to tell a worker to lift, move, put down, hold, carry, dig? Avoid costly errors and safety issues by communicating precisely what you need. You will find Hispanic construction workers coining fresh terms, switching verbal codes, transposing, and translating. Our job is to bring you into this linguistic game so that you too can make yourself understood.

This workshop is like no other language class you have ever experienced. It is picture based and does not require correct grammar usage. We emphasize effective communication. We will even be teaching many Spanglish terms that are often used on the job site.

The General Construction Workshop is six hours and covers the Spanish Basics as well as:

1.    Essential construction verbs
2.    Adverbs dealing with time and quantity
3.    Tools
4.    Materials
5.    Locations
6.    Measurements

Following the General Construction Workshop, participants can choose to take any of the two-hour specialization workshops. The specializations offered are:

1.    Framing and foundations
2.    Finish work
3.    Roofing and exterior
4.    Sheet rocking
5.    Electrical
6.    Plumbing

Feel free to print the PDF Flier “Custom Spanish Instruction For Construction Managers.” If you would like information on pricing or specific vocabulary, contact us.

For downloadable workshops, see our Sellfy store.

Click here for more information on why it is important to speak the workers’ language.

Ms. Covello, owner and founder of Habla Language Services has hands-on building experience with


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