Gina Covello

Ms. Covello has a Master’s degree in International Policy and Hispanic Studies with an emphasis on translation and interpretation from the Monterey Institute of InternationalGina Covello

Her undergraduate degree includes English Literature with a double major in Language and Cultural Studies from the University of California.

Her studies included a semester at the Escuela Americana de Traducción e Interpretación in Santiago, Chile and a quarter at the UNAM in Mexico City. She is also an alumna of the United States Peace Corps, Costa Rica.

Gina Teaching

Ms. Covello has an Adult Education California Teaching Credential and over twenty-five years’ experience teaching English, Spanish, and Business Communication. She is also a member of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

Ms. Covello has taught high school and middle school Spanish and started the School Readiness Program for Mt. Diablo Unified School District, so she has experience working with students from 0 to 99. She is an approved Ocean Grove Charter School vendor so can work with your child on English or Spanish skills and offers private tutoring in addition to her small group conversation classes and specialized Spanish and English classes.

Ms. Covello, founder and owner of Habla Language Services, has worked at or for the following agencies:

  • U.S. Department of Justice (Spanish/English Interpreter)
  • U.S. Peace Corps (English Instructor)
  • Center for Financial Training (Spanish for Bankers)
  • Charles Schwab, Inc. (Spanish/English Proofreader)
  • Lango (Spanish Preschool Curriculum Writer)
  • Sweetwater Union High School District (ESL Instructor for adults)
  • San Diego Community College District (English and Business Communication Instructor)
  • University of Phoenix  (English and Business Communication Instructor)
  • San Jose East Side High School District  (ESL Instructor for adults)
  • Approved vendor for Google (Translation & Interpretation)
  • Approved vendor for Ocean Grove Charter Home School (Spanish instruction)
  • Approved vendor for the CA Board of Registered Nursing, awarding CE credits to nurses for Medical Spanish class
  • Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club (English to staff)
  • Rocketship Education Charter School (Translator and Spanish Instructor for staff)
  • FBI (Spanish Instructor)
  • Anzar High and St. Justin Junior High (Spanish including Spanish for Heritage Speakers)
  • Dumpy Dog Publishing (Translated a published book)
  • And we have seen results with our students in our Conversation Series – they are getting jobs by passing tests in Spanish!!