In this current COVID-19 era, we are offering online classes for adults and children. Click here for scheduling and pricing: . Contact us for questions or to discuss options, including small group instruction via Zoom.

To fully view calendar schedule, you must use Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox browsers. This calendar is no longer up to date per COVID-19 changes.

6 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Hello,

    I’m looking to become (almost entirely) fluent in Spanish as i prepare to become a medical social worker. Your business comes recommended. Could you please let me know how i can start?


  2. Hello,
    I am looking for Spanish semi-private classes, 2-1 with Gina, to take with my husband.
    Please let me know if Gina is available on Saturdays, or at 6:30pm during weekdays.
    We are flexible on the location of classes, either at school or in a business room of our apartment building.
    I look forward to your reply.

  3. Virginia McCabe says:

    I’m interested in Spanish classes to allow me to practice my speaking skills to prepare for my study abroad semester in Spain this fall. I need classes that run from Mid-May to August

  4. That’s exciting that you will be studying for a semester in Spain. What level are you? Our courses focus on conversational skills, so while folks may have studied Spanish for a number of years, many times they opt to start at Level 1 because all of our drills are oral with a focus on listening and speaking competencies. You need to know the Basics in order to start with Level 1.
    1. Greetings and Niceties
    2. Colors
    3. Question words
    4. Days of the Week
    5. Months of the Year
    6. Numbers
    7. Pronouns
    If you don’t know these, we need to start here. I’ll be offering this workshop on April 21. and have a Level 1 course slated to start the week of May 7. If you are above Level 1, I’d like to assess you over the phone and then I can let you know what scheduling options we have.

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