In this current COVID-19 era, we are offering online classes for adults and children. Click here for scheduling and pricing:



Gina Covello is an approved vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School – the school district for home schooling.

She developed the School Readiness Program for the Mt. Diablo Unified School District, so she has a great deal of training in Early Childhood Education and Development. She has taught and tutored K-12 as well as adults through various school districts. She can help your child with developing sentences, paragraphs, or 5-paragraph essays. Private lessons/tutoring or small group scenarios are available. Contact us for more information.


Due to Gina Covello’s extensive training in literature and language, she is able to help you pull your thesis or research paper together, by walking you through it and having you talk it out. We can work with you from outline to final draft to presentation.

“I successfully completed my research studies and Masters in Social Work at San Jose State University largely because I used Gina as my tutor and assistant for my research paper.” -Maxine King, MSW





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