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Put an End to Long Term Unemployment

EXCELLENT article if you’re feeling discouraged about your job search. There are many creative ideas listed here. Also, if you’ve been out of work long-term and are really disheartened, consider a 2-year stint in the Peace Corps. Now THAT’S a résumé booster! Put an end to your long-term unemployment. Click here for article.

Training for Spanish Now Available for Download

Due to demand to have Habla Language Services Workshops available virtually, Gina Covello has recorded her workshops and they are now available through automated download. You can also choose physical upgrades to receive the booklets or flashcards that go with the workshop. Some documents are free and the workshops vary in price from $4.95 to […]

Medical Spanish Workshop for Health Practicioners

“I’m a nurse, why do I need to know Spanish?” When you know Spanish, you increase your marketability if you are looking for work and your job security if you already have a job. Typically, you do not have be completely fluent in Spanish; you just have to be communicative. We are offering a series […]

Practice the Spanish Basics

O.k. I don’t LOVE this, but it is kind of cool to be able to click on the words all in one place to hear the pronunciation. It is a little strange using children’s voices. And we do not use ordinal numbers for the dates of the month in Spanish – maybe in Spain they […]