Month: April 2009

Mexican Names and Nicknames

When you are working with the Hispanic market, in California, it is important to understand the Mexican culture. Understanding Mexican names and nicknames is a big part of what makes up Mexican culture. I’ll never forget the time I took a test in my Spanish class for native-speakers. We were suppossed to read a book […]

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Learning Spanish

I always stress to my students that communication is key and perfection is not. How many times have you listened to immigrants speaking English? Do you listen for their mistakes and analyze them? Or do you listen for their message and engage in communication? Keep this in mind when learning Spanish or any other languge […]

Why Can’t Laborers Learn English?

Have you ever had difficulty communicating with an employee or co-worker because of language differences? Even when English is a common language, sometimes communication challenges arise. So much more are the challenges when an employee has not yet mastered English. While it may be to the immigrant’s advantage to learn English, it may also be […]

Habla Language Services Launches New Website

Thanks to the NASE Business Development Grant that was awarded to Habla Language Services in July of 2008, we are proud to announce the launching of our new website. Any of you who own small businesses probably understand the feat that goes into developing a website. Finding the right person who shares your vision is […]