Learning Spanish & Bilingualism

Habla Language Services Featured in the Language Educator Magazine

My goal is to post weekly on Wednesdays. Sorry it’s been a while since my last posting. Sometimes life just happens. I will have a stock pile of postings to take us through to the end of the year. Make sure to share this blog with others interested in best practices for language learning and reaching […]

From Ridge to Reef

Check out this video directed by my Costa Rican partner Roy Prendas for WWF! When you participate in Habla Language Service’s Spanish immersion program in Costa Rica next summer, you’ll get the best of language, nature and culture! Save the dates: Session 1: August 9-13, 2010 Session 2: August 16-20, 2010 https://hablals.com/learn-spanish/personal/costa-rica-immersion-program/

Typing español on the keyboard

If you are writing Spanish papers or reports for school, it is essential that you know how to type in the accent marks. Going back and trying to write them in is not only inefficient, but can cause errors. First, if you are working in Word, select the language to Spanish. I usually choose Mexican […]

Summer Spanish Classes for High School and Adults

High School: Habla Language Services hits the grammar books! Yes, we like to emphasize communication and manipulating the Spanish language without speaking it perfectly, but because it is summer and some kids want to get a head-start on high school, we are offering a special series this summer. We are going to do an introduction […]

Study Spanish in Costa Rica This Summer!

Come join us to study Spanish in Costa Rica this summer. Get all the benefits of Gina Covello’s expert Spanish instruction skills while at the same time, living and experiencing the language. Live with a host family and enjoy day trips in the afternoon. How can we afford to offer so much at such a […]

Spanish available this summer for children!

Many of you have asked if I offer classes for children. Well, this summer, I have partnered with Silver Creek Academic Academy and will be offering two classes on Thursday mornings! The 1st class will be for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at 10:30 a.m. The second class will be for 6th grade and above […]

Mexican Names and Nicknames

When you are working with the Hispanic market, in California, it is important to understand the Mexican culture. Understanding Mexican names and nicknames is a big part of what makes up Mexican culture. I’ll never forget the time I took a test in my Spanish class for native-speakers. We were suppossed to read a book […]

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Learning Spanish

I always stress to my students that communication is key and perfection is not. How many times have you listened to immigrants speaking English? Do you listen for their mistakes and analyze them? Or do you listen for their message and engage in communication? Keep this in mind when learning Spanish or any other languge […]