Mexican Fiesta

If you’d like your own burrito, taco, and quesadilla bar at your party, contact us.  We’ve partnered with local Mexican caterers and dance studios. We can put together a party you and your friends will remember. We can add salsa, merengue or tango dance lessons upon request. We offer a one-hour workshop which covers how to order a burrito just they way you like. We go over drink and side options and questions the server may ask you. Go into a taquería with confidence. After the workshop, you will have actual practice ordering customized Mexican food. Dinner and Mexican music is included. Excellent package for planning a Mexican bon voyage, Cinco de Mayo, or customer appreciation parties.

I had a great time at the Mexican Fiesta workshop. The food was excellent and it was fun to order in Spanish only. The layout of food items was perfect: different meats, beans, rice, sour cream, and all the fixings, and all were practiced in Spanish before we ordered. Now I try to order in Spanish at my favorite taqueria. –Justin F.

Mexican Fiesta: Order Your Own Burrito Recorded Workshop 

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This recorded presentation brings the workshop to you. It is just over 8 minutes and goes over the pronunciation and shows you how to complete a dialogue for ordering. You will also receive a full-color picture worksheet for practicing the key vocabulary words or to test yourself. ADDED BONUS: Tips for Mexican Fiesta. Entertainment tips for food, music and favors.