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If you are wrting Spanish papers or reports for school, it is essential that you know how to type in the accent marks. Going back and trying to write them in is not only inefficient, but can cause errors. First, if you are working in Word, select the language to Spanish. I usually choose Mexican Spanish, but you can choose whichever regional Spanish you think is the most accurate. Then, make sure you do a spell check. Word will catch many of your errors, but remember, it is not 100% correct and you also need to use your own brain and training to make decisions.

So here are the codes for typing chracters in Spanish. First turn your number lock key on, then, while holding down the ALT key, enter the 3-digit decimal code for the extended ASCII character you want to generate. For example, if you want to write an ñ, first you have to know the ASCII code which is alt 164.To write an ñ, press and hold the ALT key. (in this case 164) then release the ALT key. You should be able to do this in almost any program.  

If it worked then you will be able to use all the Spanish characters. The only problem is knowing which numbers to use: Here is a list of Spanish characters with their ALT numbers.































Note: According to the powers that be at the RAE (Real Academia Española), it is still obligatory to use accents with capital letters. However, it is very common to see unaccentuated capital letters such as Á Ú Í Ó (Ñ) and in certain places, it is difficult to actually do.

By the way: Here are a few more useful “alt” numbers: @ 64 (called the arroba in Spanish) ~ 126, ÷ 246, ½ 171, ¼ 172, £ 156.



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Summer Spanish Classes for High School and Adults

High School: Habla Language Services hits the grammar books! Yes, we like to emphasize communication and manipulating the Spanish language without speaking it perfectly, but because it is summer and some kids want to get a head-start on high school, we are offering a special series this summer. We are going to do an introduction to Spanish 2. So if you have a teen who went through Spanish 1 and didn’t do so well. Or, who is entering Spanish 2 and knows s/he may not have much time to study, this is the class for your high schooler! We will cover what will mainly be covered in high school Spanish 2: preterite, imperfect, commands. Plan on meeting twice a week for 1.5 hours with homework. We will form a schedule that works for you. We are offering this class at a special rate for youth: $250 for 8 sessions that are 90 minutes. All materials are always included, but it helps if your teen has a bilingual pocket dictionary, electronic translator, or phone app for translating. Contact me now so we can get started within the next couple of weeks. (Classes are offered at my home in the Campbell area.)

Elementary: If there is enough interest, I will do a fun session for younger kids like learning through games and music! Let me know what you’d like to do!

Adults: The Spanish conversational series will be starting up again in the fall. Make sure you are ready with the basics. In order to participate in the conversational series, you need to know the following 7 competencies:

1. Numbers
2. Days of the Week
3. Months of the Year
4. Colors
5. Greetings and Niceties
6. Pronouns
7. Question words

Gear up now so you are ready to go in the fall!  I cover the 7 competencies in my basic 3-hour workshop. The first 2 people to indicate interest will get to select the date. I recommend a Saturday or Sunday because if you work a traditional work schedule, you will not want to attempt this class after a full day of work. Even though it is fun and dynamic, there is a great deal of information to learn and retain. I typically offer this workshop in my home in the Campbell area, but if there is a small group of people interested in another part of the Bay Area, we can arrange an alternate location.

You will be amazed at the innovative tools I have developed to tap into every learning modality: oral, visual, kinesthetic. My fifteen years of language teaching experience has enabled me to integrate theory into every practical application. I won’t bore you with the theory, but you will find yourself learning, speaking and understanding in a full-immersion 3-hour Spanish workshop.

Cost for the workshop is $99 and includes all materials. You will go home with the tools needed to continue practicing at home and a full-color Spanish calendar!

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