Weekend Trips in Costa Rica

August 2018 – Join Us!!

These trips have been carefully planned and thought out. They are not just run-of-the-mill tourist attractions. Habla Language Services Founder, Gina Covello, has used her local contacts met during her Peace Corps Service to plan trips and activities that boost the local economy and support sustainable tourism all while helping you learn Spanish!!

While we are on these trips, away from our homestay – the only meal included is breakfast, unless otherwise noted.

Beach Trip

Fly into LIR on Friday night and get your free shuttle to the Hilton Garden Inn. Be ready to depart at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 4, for Hermosa Beach, Guanacaste.

    1. We will drop our things off at the Mangroove Boutique Hotel and then head to Hermosa Beach for a full day of fun in the sun. You will have your choice to snorkel (additional), relax in the calm waves, or enjoy the warm sand in the shade of a tree. We plan to to enjoy a fresh seafood lunch at La Casita del Marisco. 
    2. We will leave the beach in time to return to the Mangroove for cocktails and sunset over the breathtaking Papagayo Bay.
    3. In the morning, there will be time for breakfast, spa (additional), gym, kayaking or bikes or more beach time. Then we’ll head to Llano de Cortes Waterfall for some bathing there. We’ll pick up Subway on the way to have a picnic lunch at the falls.
    4. After we dry off, we’ll head to the Centro de Rescate near Cañas to learn about the cats and other wildlife they are rehabilitating.
    5. From the Centro, we’ll head up to Tilarán, making a couple stops to capture the sunset! We’ll have a brief orientation to the Spanish Immersion Program and get you settled in with your host families or hotel accommodations – ready to start the #SpanishCostaRica program in the morning!

Rain Forest/Volcano/Cloud Forest

After 4 days of the Spanish Immersion Program, we have put together a fabulous trip of a lifetime – not to be missed!!

    1. Friday morning, August 10, we will leave Tilarán and head around Arenal Lake to the Rain Forest Suspension Bridges of Místico. Here we will enjoy a 2½ hour guided walk.
    2. Our next adventure takes us to the hot springs of Volcano Arenal. We will check-in to our hotel at Volcano Lodge & Springs and it will be lunch time. We will give you a couple lunch options.  Or, if you are feeling adventurous, we can help you get a taxi to La Fortuna Waterfall. You can have lunch in La Fortuna or at the waterfall. In the later afternoon, there will be time to enjoy a soak in the springs with the volcano in the background, especially as the sun sets. This hotel also has an opportunity for spa treatments (not included).  We will have a restful night because there will be a BIG (and early) day ahead on Saturday.
    3. Saturday we will have an early breakfast at the hotel and head to Project Asis. Here we will spend half a day learning and seeing Costa Rican wildlife up close and will even have the chance to FEED THEM! Lunch at Project Asis is included.
    4. Following lunch, we will head to Monteverde Cloud Forest. Once we check into our hotel, you will have the option to do a night hike, walk the gardens at the Monteverde Lodge & Gardens, check out the Butterfly and/or Hummingbird Gardens, or get a Spa treatment. We recommend dinner at the Lodge.
      The gardens have some truly special plants such as Tree Ferns, Imperial Bromeliads and Anthuriums. There are also many species of orchids, white and purple Agapanthus, Hydrangeas and much more.
      In the beginning we rarely saw mammals on the grounds, but today it’s common to see White-nose Coatis, Agoutis, and White- faced Capuchin monkeys. About once a year the White-faced Monkeys even manage to visit El Jardin restaurant. But you have a much better chance to see them in the garden. 
      Birds love the grounds surrounding Monteverde Lodge. We often see the Three-Wattled Bellbird, the Masked Tityra and the Emerald Toucanet, among others. The songs of the Rufous-and-White Wren usually accompanies your time in the gardens.
      1. The next morning, is for optional activities. Options include:
        • Bird Watching at Curicancha Reserve ($75) 6 a.m – 11 a.m.
        • Ziplining ($45)
        • Hiking at Reserve ($15)
      2. Following our check-out, we will go to the CASEM Coop for shopping and lunch, followed by the best ice cream ever at the Monteverde Cheese Factory.
      3. We have one more stop before leaving Monteverde. You will have a chance to souvenir shop at Rosewood Souvenirs. If we get lucky, the owner might even take us on a tour of his gardens and show us how he does woodworking.
      4. We will then head back to our families or hotel and prepare for one day of fun-filled Spanish and debriefing with time in the afternoon for a trip to Viento Fresco Waterfalls.

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